New Products At Your NH Pet Store

Oh why not sit indoors today and write a blog post about some exciting new products available at K9 Kaos.  I mean there is no time like the present right?  Well it is very true, we do have some great new pet supplies and I am just the person to tell you about them. Before I get into all of that, I am always curious to learn about where customers shop.  I know that many of you do shop at K9 Kaos but with so many different pet supply stores at your finger tips, how do you choose?  Is it price, selection, store layout, convenience….I would love to hear your comments.  I am really interested in your experience and learning about what you like to buy, where you like to buy it, and why you like to shop where you do. So please do consider leaving a comment here or on Facebook.  It would be fun….okay well maybe I’m the only one that sees the fun in that, so humor me.

So on to the new stuff.  First, we have brought back an old favorite to our shelves.  Back by popular demand is Taste of the Wild.  As you may or may not know we did make the decision to drop this line after the big recall a year or so ago.  After some significant consideration and meetings with the company’s representatives we decided to give them another chance.  Since that recall, Taste of the Wild has added a new protein blend which is called Southwest Canyon and it is a beef and boar blend for dogs.  We are carrying all of the adult dog food and the cat food lines.  We can special order the puppy line if you are interested.  If you would like to learn more about this dog food, please check them out here.

Very new to K9 Kaos is Acana dog and cat food.  Acana is made by Champion Pet Foods a Canadian company that also makes Orijen.  Champion Pet Foods is aptly named in my opinion and we have been successfully selling Orijen for over a year now.  I love this brand for many reasons but one of the biggies is because they source local and sustainable raised ingredients. I just love that!  For those of you that have looked at or currently feed Orijen you know that it is not cheap and nor should it be.  It boils down to this, Orijen contains a significantly higher percentage of fresh, preservative free, farm raised meat.  Acana was created to offer that same excellent quality at a lower price point by slightly lowering the percentage of that same meat.  Champion makes all of their own foods and they do not outsource any step in their process.  Both Orijen and Acana are great foods and come highly recommended, we are happy to be selling both of these excellent dog and cat foods at our shop.  Click here to learn more about Acana pet foods.

Lastly, we have brought in some of the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet line.  I have a dog that has a severe intestinal bowel disorder and this food came highly recommended by his veterinarian.  So I thought it might be a good idea to check it out.  Also one of our K9 Crew members, Randi, feeds this food and swears by it.  So here it is now at K9 Kaos!.  We currently have Fish, Venison, Bison, and Duck proteins in dry, canned and treats for dogs.  Natural Balance has just announced that it has been acquired by Del Monte so we will keep an eye on this line to be sure that quality does not suffer after this acquisition is completed.  Click here for more info on Natural Balance.

So those are the three new pet food lines that we have brought into the store.  We have also added lots of new supplies and treats that we would love to share with you.  We always have free samples in the store of one thing or another so if you are thinking about making a switch, please stop by and see us as we would love to help you to make the best selection for your pet.

I know that there are so many different pet stores in NH that you can choose from to shop at, I thank you for shopping at K9 Kaos.



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