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It’s true that dogs need a little spa treatment from time to time. Our groomers are a cut above! They are experienced in all breeds and all clip styles, and we know your dog will look and smell marvelous!

Full service grooming includes a bath, brush out, nails clipped, ears cleaned, hair cut for some, blow dry and a stylish bandana. Our grooming rates vary based on breed so please give us a call and we can give you an estimate and an appointment over the phone. 603-743-3647

Important note regarding flea & tick collars:  It is important to know that for safety reasons, we remove all collars from each dog that attend services here at K9 Kaos including all flea & tick collars. With that in mind, our staff are exposed to dozens and dozens of flea & tick collars multiple times throughout each day.  Since the volume of these collars has grown, we are now asking you to please remove all flea & tick collars from your dog before they arrive at K9 Kaos.  In addition to eliminating the chemical exposure for our staff; we also appreciate that these collars are expensive, so it is best that they stay safely at home.  K9 Kaos can not be responsible for the loss of any collar, we do our best to not lose anything, but unfortunately it does happen from time to time.

Self Serve Dog Wash

It’s fun to wash the dog, but it’s not so fun to clean up the mess. The next time your dog needs a bath, try our self-serve dog wash. It’s equipped with everything you need for a clean pooch, plus we’ll take care of the clean up. Stop in anytime, no appointment necessary.

Our self-serve hours are:

Self-Serve Rates:

A La Carte Grooming Services
$15.00 per service

Appointments are recommended for these services

Nail Trim, Teeth Brushing, Ear Cleaning, Ear Plucking, Anal Glands, Face Trim, Sanitary Trim, Foot Trim, Blueberry Facial Scrub, and Nail Grind.

We are offering nail trims Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 11:00 am by appointment. All “walk-in” services are $15.00 (nail clips, nail grinds, anal expressions, etc).  You can call 603-743-3647 or text 603-534-2911 for an appointment.  If you prefer curbside, you can pay over the phone, and we will come out to the car to get your pup for their service. 

Please note: Nail trims, ear cleaning & coat trims are included in all full service grooming appointments.

K9 Kaos Registration Form

This form provides us with all of the pertinent information about your dog and some emergency contact information.