Thursday.. is it really Thursday?

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Why do I always feel so freaking rushed all of the time?  Today seems like a whirlwind…got up drove to work to drop off Lily, one of my boarders.  Then drove back home to meet Aaron so that he could bring me to drop my car off at the shop to get fixed.  Then back to work.

Today was pretty fun helping Dr. Jim get some stuff together for his ‘greyhound racing vs. Grey2K’ radio show this Sunday.  (Tune in WTSN AM Sunday 11:00am) Making Michele crazy by calling her…oh, I dunno, 6 times.  That was, by the way, when our phones were pretending to work today since most of the day I had to use my cell phone because we couldn’t call out.  Oh and then when I called Comcast to complain.. he was more interested in what K9 Kaos was rather than fixing my phones.  I just love it when the customer support guy tries to calm the raging bitch (me) down by making funny haha’s about the dogs barking in the background. LOVE IT!

My entire CSI project from yesterday was completely on the back burner today!  On Monday we had a relatively new customer come in and purchase $126 worth or merchandise.  The kids helped her carry it out to her car, she told Donna she’d be back to pay and ….zoom off she went.  No pay.  Oh ya… just great!  Poor Donna!  So Judy and I launched a full on investigation yesterday and figured out her name.  Great … no one in NH, ME, MA or VT has a phone number or address with that name.  Alrighty.  Call my Dover NH policeman customer for advice….looks like I might have to report it since it has been 4 days and no call to say “oh my gosh.. I totally drove off without paying you for my stuff!”  Man oh man.. it is always something!  I think I’ll get back to CSI tomorrow .. full on!

Good news about Bounty.  Her Lepto titer came back negative.  This is a HUGE relief for me.  I would have been absolutely horrified if she had Lepto.  Plus I think I told Judy that I would drink Lepto infected pee if Bounty tested positive.  That is because I am always the FIRST person to say “NO LEPTO NO LEPTO STOP OVER VACCINATING DOGS”.  Doh.. my vet would have given me a giant ‘told ya so’ lecture.  Oh ya, no good!  So as for a Bounty update, she is still peeing like a race horse…literally.  It is much clearer now which is great.  She is drinking like she has never seen water before in her life!  Jodi told me not to worry about it, so I’m not.  Her appetite is better and she will visit the vet and continue draining my bank account next Tuesday. 🙂

Now I must go upstairs and help Aaron clean out our new spare bedroom so that he can paint it a lovely shade of yellow.

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