Step Away from the Sink

Bounty had an appointment at the vet on Friday night and so I thought it would be a good idea to give her a little bath since she was pretty stinky.  No big deal really, she fits in the sink.  I carry her over to the sink and get everything set up, she is cooperating somewhat.  Naturally the greyhounds were very interested in what was going on and they gathered happily around the sink.  It must have been hysterical to watch this scene from behind.  Greyhounds bouncing happily over to check things out having no idea what is actually in the sink.  Next, five greyhounds slowly backing up away from the sink, heads down, not making any sudden movements until they are safely away from the possessed growling sink.  Something is clearly wrong with this picture….isn’t there?  Hmmm maybe not, it is Bounty after all.

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