Luck of the Irish..

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..Terrier that is!  It’s true I have flipped for an Irish Terrier.  Most of you that know me, know that  have been longing for an IT for as long as I have known Murphy.  Murphy is a very special young man that comes to K9 Kaos.  He has been attending daycare for about two years of so, he was just a pup when I met him.  I happen to love that dog and have had the pleasure of having him toilet paper the inside of my home.  He is a blast of a dog! 

Judy and I went down to the Boston dog show today and I have met the father of my next dog.  His name is Ch. Fleet St. Fenway Fan and he is HANDSOME!  He also won BOB for the third time this weekend! I know, I know, who cares!

We had a fun day.  Got to watch Nigel & Carolyn do some agility.  Saw a few of my old whippet & training friends.  Got to meet one of Bounty’s kids, Danny, and see him be shown.. he did not win.  Oh ya we also saw a great dane puppy named Dexter win his class.  He happens to be the litter mate to Donna’s new puppy Fifi.  We also saw some very cute Min Pin’s which made Judy very happy!

The show just doesn’t seem to be what it used to be.  There was no real grass in the agility ring.  There were hardly any vendors.  Neither of us bought a thing! It didn’t seem as crowded or as exciting as I remember it.  It’s probably because the last time I was there I was entered in something.  I guess that probably makes it more fun. But I had a really fun day and I think Judy did too!

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