Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope everyone had a great holiday yesterday!  Aaron and I cooked dinner for all of our family, I think it went pretty well.  Good food and good company!

I have a Bounty update.  We had another blood panel done and the results are even better than the last set.  It is seeming as if she must have eaten something toxic like a mushroom or something like that.  It all seems kind of strange, especially since she is never out of my sight.  Regardless, something caused the major liver disturbance.  Here are the new numbers:

Alk Phos – 499
ALT – 601
AST – 62
GGT – 27
Bili – .6

She is feeling much better and has her appetite back.  This is a good thing since she is still skinny at 15.7 pounds.  She is loving all of the extra food and cookies I’ve been slipping her. I would really like to see her back up at 17 pounds.

Good news, the CSI investigation should soon be closed.  I got a one line email from her yesterday stating that she had mailed me a check.  I’m so happy because the police have been calling me, they were going to go back to her house and possibly arrest her if I didn’t get paid soon.  I’m glad we will all get to avoid that as it was not my intention.  I’ll cash the check and then all will be right.

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