Happy New Year!


New Year’s resolution #1 – create a blog! 

So welcome to my first and only blog…and yes of course it will be mostly about dogs.  Some about my dogs or maybe even your dogs! This first blog will be about mine since I would like to start with a quick and maybe boring introduction.  It may come in handy since I’m sure my dogs and husband will be referenced here often. I will keep this part as brief as possible: 

First and foremost, Aaron my husband of just over a year.  He is relatively new to this crazy dog life.  Just this morning, sleepies still in our eyes, one of us cleaning up poop and the other cleaning up puke he commented to me that “normal people do not have these kinds of mornings”.  It’s true they don’t… Aaron has come a very long way! Now for our dogs, at this very moment there are six: 

KO – Windwood Whirling Wildcat, JC, FCh, CGC. Okay okay I can’t help myself with the titles.  She is my pride and joy, a greyhound, nine years old in March.  She came home at seven weeks, we have been best pals since.  Important note about KO is that every single person that has ever met her finds it important to take me aside to tell me just how spoiled and rotten she is. I, of course, never agree. 

Bounty – Ch Happy Hour Cover Charge.  Bounty has been with us for almost a year.  She is the result of a very failed trip to Cocheco Valley Humane Society.  I went to drop off a donation and came home with a seven year old, smooth fox terrier.  “Oh honey… guess what?!” Through a great friend we found her breeder and found out that she is a champion with champion children.  Sort a long story of how she ended up in the shelter, but it was my lucky day… I think.  She has turned our world pretty much upside down. I remind her every day that she is lucky she is so cute. 

Hootie – Whirling What a Hoot SGRC. I’ll give you guys the title overviews later on, all you need to know is that SGRC means Hootie is a fast runner! 🙂  Hootman Joe, which is what he likes to be called, is a greyhound, four years old in April. I brought he and his sister, Wicca, home at 7 weeks.  You will hear lots about Hootie, Wicca and their siblings in blogs to come.  

Wicca – Wicca Be Quickah GRC, JOR. Well the name didn’t quite work out, Wicca is the slow poke of the bunch. Her claim to fame is winning the LGRA nationals ‘turtle award’ two years in a row. As mentioned she is Hootie’s sis which, as it turns out, makes her a greyhound as well and also 4 in April.  🙂 Wicca is the clown of the house!  Both Hootie and Wicca were bred by and are co-owned with my friend Michele.    

Runway – Whirling What a Walk.  Okay now, Runway is really just a foster dog.  So, if I were to name her the name you see is what it would be… but since I don’t really own her… her racing name was Honey to the Bee and did I mention that she is just a foster dog? Runway is a spook and has been with us for a few months.  She is a gorgeous two year old greyhound that we got from Greyhound Placement Service of NH. Her progress will be featured here; she has already come a long long way.  

Mojo – Mariki’s Major Momentum (I think that will be his name).  Mojo is an adorable whippet puppy that we have had for about two months.  He is six months old and is absolutely adorable.  He is also not officially my dog, he is the result of a failed trip to visit an old friend of mine that breeds and shows whippets. He just happened to have a litter and told me that Mojo would be mine after he was finished showing. That part was actually planned.  We both agreed that he needed some socialization so I of course thought it would be a good idea if he came home with me for a couple of weeks. That part wasn’t.

I think I’ll end blog #1 here.  Thanks for reading… 

Bark On!

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