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Our Dogs | 11.18.2008

We had her ultrasound today. It showed that she has a golf ball sized tumor inside her lung.  It’s interesting in that they believe that this finding is incidental and has nothing to do with her liver issues.  So indeed she does have lung cancer, but it’s not as much of a worry (right now) as her liver is.  Still a bummer.

We took more blood to see if the liver functions have changed since last week.  Here is where they are at now:

Alk Phos – 894 was 721
ALT – 1300 was 2731
AST – 202 was 494
GGT – 61 was 35
Bilirubin – 2.1 was .9

So a couple of them are better, which is good. The ultrasound showed that her liver is extremely small and they thought it looked cirrhotic.  She is looking a bit jaundice today and the tech noticed a few bruises on her as well.   On the bright side, she ate like a little piglet tonight which is great!  She has already lost a pound and is down to 15.4 now..I’d really like to see her at 17.

So, the current plan is to just keep on keepin’ on.  I need to get her some vitamin E and she’ll remain on the milk thistle and I’m thinking we’ll recheck liver enzymes in a while to see how things are going.  As long as she stays in good spirits and stays extremely interested in gutting small and large dogs.. we’ll keep things going the way they are going, except without her evening bourbon. 🙂

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