A Puddle



I’m sure I shouldn’t be posting this but what the hell.  It’s a dog blog, so I can talk about dogs even the good bad and ugly side of dogs right?  Let me tell you, right now KO is showing more of the bad and ugly side of things for Aaron and I.  KO is my oldest greyhound, she will be 12 in March.  She is the matriarch of the house and she is the boss of me.  She also pees in our bed just about every night.  It sucks!  So you say…”well just don’t let her sleep in your bed”.  “HA” I say right back at you!  First of all KO has allowed me to sleep with her on my(?) bed for at least 11 years.  There is no way in hell that this dog will let anyone rest for even one second of a night if she is not on that bed.  Trust me, she is not a quiet dog.  All of those fools that tell you that greyhounds don’t bark LIED TO YOU!

It has been an interesting progression for Aaron and I with this bed peeing situation.  When it first started happening we would get up change the bed in the middle of the night.  Then it started happening a little more often and I would get up and grab a towel and cover the spot and go back to sleep.  Now it is a pretty regular thing and I can usually manage to figure out a position that isn’t in the wet spot (perhaps a skill that women have) and go back to sleep.  Aaron is not so excited about this third option, and some mornings I wake up with just KO.  That’s when I know it’s a rather large puddle and Aaron has  jumped ship.  Probably important to mention at this time is that we do have a freaking awesome mattress cover so everything is protected.  A stock tip though, buy Tide, since I am going through an ass load of it because we have to wash all of the bedding every day.  It’s wicked fun!

So we have had enough of this mess and I decide I am going to diaper her.  I purchase a package of diapers and a handy dandy pad that can go on top of the blankets just in case there is leakage.  I package her up, she was BULLSHIT at me and had to be lifted on to the bed because of the big diaper.  We placed her on the mat and went to bed.

You know the ending, it’s predicable.  I woke up, the diaper is neatly folded next to KO.  She is sleeping angelically with the top half of her body on the mat, and BINGO she peed the bed.

I love her.  She’s awesome.  She’s leaky, but she’s awesome!

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