Life | 04.10.2009

Holy cow…where have I been?  Well, now that you ask, I’ve been in Jamaica!  We had a great trip to Negril and I spent 9 wonderful days NOT SNEEZING!  Man oh man you guys have no idea how wonderful it is not to sneeze day in and day out.   I saw two dogs one time for about a split second.  I did not hear any barking, whining, roo’ing, clicking of nails, or growling.  I also did not get any scratches, muddy paw imprints, black eyes, or fat lips. I did not have any dogs yipping at me every night to go to bed, or to rearrange the bed to her liking.  I did not have any dogs begging for my dinner.  I did not have to clean up any of the 3 P’s. (pee, poop, puke) I got to get dressed up!  Was then able to walk around AND even sit down in our room and did not become covered in dog hair.  I never had to search for a matching pair of shoes.  I never had to dig out spoogie dog toys out of my bed before crawling in.   It was a great vacation!

All that said… pulling into our driveway on Saturday night was the absolute best.  Dogs crammed into the front window barking their heads off in excitement to see us.  Many toys and many shoes paraded around in celebration of our return.  We missed them so much….sneezing and all…there is no place like home with your dogs!

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  1. Aaron says:

    Now, if we just figure out a way to get them all to Negril…

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