Not Allowed on the Furniture!


So we’re taking care of friend’s dog this week.  His name is Kobe and he is a very distinguished, cookie crazed, wagaholic yellow lab.  I am positive that Kobe is THE lab that every single person that has ever bought a lab thought they were getting.  However, Kobe is one of a kind!  A perfect gentleman, Kobe is calm and respectful and so pleasant to be around.  The greyhounds even give him the thumbs-up. (translation = the greyhounds have not yet tried to disembowel the riff raff)

Being a hound girl, Kobe does have some…well…. Lab qualities; stinky-stinky, will take your fingers off at the knuckle if he so chooses when you give him a cookie,  and walking on a leash just doesn’t happen.  But a lab is a lab is a lab after-all.

Kobe is thoroughly enjoying his vacation at Las Houndas.  I know that his parents would be a little disappointed by one of his choices while he has been here … but what happens at Las Houndas stays at Las Houndas.

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