Tomorrow is Monday.  Monday is normally my crazy paperwork day.  I have payroll to do, I usually have a couple of days of sales days to catch up with, banking, ordering, scheduling.  You know.. paperwork.  Tomorrow is the last Monday at the old K9.  It makes me think about how much I am going to miss that place.  It is such a special place for me, it was a dream come true.

Many of my early on customers will remember the spot that I now call my “office”.  Our break room and my office was once the main entrance to K9.  Now that back room is where all of the action is for the K9 Crew.  We eat (a lot), we laugh, we work, we cry, we talk, we drink coffee (the kids drink coffee flavored cream & sugar) we complain, we worry, we plan the day.  I sometimes sit at my desk while the kids are eating lunch and I listen in.  I have learned some very interesting things from eaves dropping on those conversations.  Now, I like to think that I just listen, but they will tell you that I ALWAYS butt in.  I just can’t help myself.  That kitchen is where it all happens day in and day out.  I love that kitchen.   I am so going to miss that kitchen.

I have spent so much of the last two years thinking about the future that I forgot to obsess about what was being left behind.  It’s all just hitting me right now.  What if the dream was too big?  What if we don’t find a new kitchen?

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  1. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    I remember walking into that kitchen and thinking, “She wants to do what here?!?” Don’t forget that there were no memories in that kitchen when we got there either. You had to make them. Just think of the memories you’re already building at the new K9. It’s going to be great! You’ve already done what most people wouldn’t or even couldn’t. You have a lot to be proud of. I know I’m very proud of you. No dream is ever too big, hon. Thanks for bringing me along in this one.

  2. Andee
    Andee says:

    you will have a better kitchen in the new place….dreams are suppose to get bigger and better…I’m with Aaron….I’m very proud of you and you should be proud of yourself….you have done an amazing job…

  3. Beth Creighton
    Beth Creighton says:

    Hello we are new at K9 kaos. What gave us the intrast was the new location.
    I drive by it everyday on my way to work.
    I have watched the progress from the for sale sign to the sold sign.
    What a great location and an amazing transformation.
    Our 2 pups Sasha and Savanna will love it there. We have already booked 2 different boarding weekends. The staff is so nice and caring.
    I know it will be an adjustment for everyone. But it will be worth all the time,effort and money you put into your mew location.
    I bet you have a great big new kitchen to make new memory’s in.
    This is your dream now enjoy it.

    The Creighton family.

  4. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    I remember that kitchen!!!! I was one of your first customers with Sasha and now you have Sky. K9 Kaos has come along way since then and as far as the memories in the old kitchen, well you will always have them and the best part is you will be making new memories with alot of the same people in your new place 🙂
    Paul, Sky and I wish you the best possible future in your new place.


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