Buster’s Adventure


Ok.. I totally realize that it has been way too long since I have added an entry to my blog, so here goes.  Aaron and I had a little adventure last Monday, which was the very first day of my vacation…. and here it is…..

Some of you may recall the weather last Monday, June 23rd, if you don’t remember let me tell you that it was POURING beyond belief, thunder and lightening included but the rain was shocking.  Naturally we had tickets to the Red Sox where we were meeting up with my brother and my nephew who live in Delaware and are huge Sox fans.  I was pretty sceptical that the game would even take place.  As I am hemming and hawing about the weather, Aaron and I are just passing over the overpass on Dover Point Road and just about the head onto the on-ramp to get onto 16 south.  All of a sudden all the cars in front of us start swerving, slipping, slamming on brakes, it was crazy.  Aaron slams on our brakes and we sort of skidded a bit but finally came to a stop in the middle of the road.  It was pretty dramatic.  Just as we are coming to a stop, here comes a dog right down the middle of the road in between all of these cars.  Yup happy as can be trotting his little self right on the center line.  Holy crap. 

Aaron already knows the answer to his next question, but asks it anyways…”do you want to stop?”  All I could think was that this dog was going to get hit.  Aaron pulled the car over and I jumped out.  Oh god it was raining so hard I was soaked in about a nano-second.  The dog had kept on trotting and by now was well over the overpass and I couldn’t see him at all.  All of the cars were stopped but a few cars did come through to stop and tell me that he was still there.  The dog was a pitbull and I am not sure if that’s why no one else stopped or if it was because it was raining that hard. 

Well I walked to about the half way point on the overpass and I still couldn’t see him. So I thought I would head back to the car.  Just as I got to the car, I looked over my shoulder and here he comes trotting as happy as can be, still in the center of the road, but towards me.  All of the traffic was sort of following behind him but thankfully not getting too close so he didn’t get scared.   I called out to him… just some random “hey little baby” and he stopped in the middle of the road.  I could honestly feel all of the eyes of all of the people in the cars waiting patiently while I tried to get this dog.  Okay, so now what…. I don’t know the dog, he doesn’t come to daycare, however, we are right around the corner from K9 Kaos and I have one customer that has 2 pitbulls and another neighbor that has 2 pitbulls.  I’m thinking the odds are that this dog is one of them. But approaching any strange dog is always a little scarey.  Anyways, Aaron had jumped out of the car and opened up the back and I made my way to the dog.  He was such a good boy, let me take him by the collar and lead him over to my car.  Aaron helped him into the crate in the back and we took his collar off to read his tags.  BUSTER was his name and as soon as I saw that I knew he was Sullivan’s housemate (Sullivan comes to daycare a couple of times a week).   The tag was perfect, number and address.  We pulled into the driveway and there were two very happy people there to see that Buster was okay. They told us that Buster is afraid of thunder and he dug himself out from under his fence. 

The Red Sox game did happen without any rain, I don’t think my shirt was dry until about the 4th inning, they lost, but we ate great Fenway Park food and had a great night.  All in all it was an awesome start to my non-dog vacation!

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