A year of puppies!

Life | 12.22.2010


I thought it might be fun to reminisce on some of the funny things the puppies have done over the year since it will all be a distant memory now that we have…. well, more!

1. January 21st, 7 beautiful babies  (that’s what I say to you now, but then I was saying quite loudly to Michele… I WILL KILL YOU…. SEVEN???  I WILL KILL YOU)

2. Piranhas, wild uncivilized pack of piranhas.  Take life into own hands entering puppy room.

3. Splitting up the pack, all of the puppies go to their homes. I love to sit out on the rock wall and watch them play and run for hours. I took a few skip days at this point.

4.  First road trip!  Drool happens…. (not mine)

5. This is when I discovered 2 very simple rules… no lamb, no turkey! Enough said on that subject as I have been spending all of these months trying to forget months 3, 4 and 5 because of the effects of lamb and turkey!

6. Puppies are still eating rocks, dirt, bricks.  Bricks are probably the favorite here.

7. Bloody eye.  (mine)

8. Adorable precious puppies chew most of cushions from our outside furniture.  Angels.

9. Pinnie and Cloney discover a case of beer on our back deck and decide to carry 13 full bottles of bud light out to the back yard, one bottle at a time.  Aaron out searching with flashlight for said beer is priceless.

10. Bloody neck.  (mine)

11. Cookie dance escalates to a wild and crazy indoor outdoor game.  Scratched arms & legs (mine)

12. Still uncivilized, Aaron asked me the other day, “do you actually like having them jump all over you?”  After some thought I decided I might try to teach them not to jump on me.  Yesterday I put my hand down in front of Pinnie’s face and said “don’t jump”…. she looked at me funny, did a play bow, and then bit my hand.  Uncivilized!

December 18, 2010  Oh God, there are more puppies.  NINE!  I can’t tell you the things I might have been saying to Michele since this blog is rated PG.  If nothing else, it will be another fun year!

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  1. alkmouse says:

    I am laughing so hard the tears are pouring down my face…..my girl Pinnie…gotta love her!!!!

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