Who Is Ira F. Pinkham?

K9 Kaos | 06.30.2009

Well, let me tell ya!  Ira F. Pinkham was a brick maker and a farmer in Dover NH.  In 1853 he bought a piece of land and built the K9 Kaos house.  Yup!  Then in 1877 he built our lovely barn.  Cool huh!

Some of you may already know that we will be losing a portion of our land to eminent domain.  The state of NH is determined to widen that damn bridge and apparently the only way to do it is to take our land.  (YES that is a whine and a poor me)  

As part of the eminent domain invasion the state will tear the barn down.  So because of that, the property has been researched and documented for historical purposes I suppose.  Soon the property will be photographed and the barn will be shot in large format.  I’m honestly not sure what all that means, but I will certainly let you know.  The photographer is going to try to come next week, weather permitting.  I hate to see that big ole barn torn down. 

If you know anyone that might like a “historical” barn… I have one for sale!  

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