K9 Kaos | 03.2.2011

Today is March 2 and just about everyone is counting down the days to spring, jumping up and down about daylight savings being right around the corner.  Not me… nope.  I’m tapping my fingers and waiting.  Those of you that know me know that I don’t do waiting very well at all.  I hate waiting.  Construction was supposed to begin on Monday.  Last Monday.  Not this Monday.  Did I mention it was supposed to start this past Monday?  Yup.  Today is Wednesday.  We are waiting for our foundation permit to come through.  Still no word on it.  Just waiting.

On the bright side of things there is some progress at the new place.  The house is under renovation and is coming along quite well.  That piece of the pie will be ready in about four weeks.  The trees are all cut down which makes the house look so…. houseyish.  I realize that isn’t a word, but today it is.  Our new kennel manager will be moving in to the house on April 1st.  Very exciting!

I have to get back to pacing and tapping.

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  1. Andee says:

    you are to friggin funny

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