The New K9 Kaos Project

Yup, K9 is moving. The State of NH has ever so kindly relieved us of our current location with a silly little thing called eminent domain. So my new full time job is spent talking to lawyers, builders, architects, bankers, engineers, etc etc etc. It has been a crazy couple of months to say the least. Our first successful hurdle was obtaining a use variance from the Dover Zoning Board in May. Now I juggle between begging the bank to give me all the money in the world, trying to figure out what the new place will look like, figuring out how much it will all cost and then back to begging the bank to give me money. Mixed in with that is the next step with the City of Dover and the planning board process. We had our Technical Review Committee meeting today and it went really well. We are in good shape for our planning board meeting which is scheduled in July. I have to say that I am so happy that we will be staying in Dover. The city officials have been amazing during this process. (no no no I’m not brown nosing… it’s totally true)

This afternoon after our TRC meeting, I went up to the new place with my general contractor and civil engineer and we discovered that the house on the property had been broken into again. The house was vandalized in January and all of the copper piping from the basement was stolen. This time they broke the back door in and took apart many of the radiators in the house taking more copper. It is such a heartbreak. Something must have spooked them because they did not finish the job… yet. Dover PD is on the case, it would be so wonderful if they could figure it out.

Oh and have I mentioned that I also have five month old greyhound puppies…. ya just to keep me on my toes. Really.

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