Steel is up!

Someone asked me last night if I was building a daycare for elephants.  I guess we could do that, it might be a little more than $20 a day though.  We would need a really big scoop to clean up after elephants! 🙂  Okay Okay, not as funny as I thought it might be.  Just trying out new material!

Anyways, the steel is up.  A few minor troubles, but nothing that can’t be fixed.  That tricky wall that I mentioned a few blogs back is still haunting everyone.  The foundation was poured incorrectly and now they have to add a 16′ retaining wall in the basement of the barn.  Not on my dime thankfully!  There was one footing that was about 6″ off so that has to be fixed and another footing that was supposed to be about 6′ deeper than it is and also needs to be fixed.  Don’t ask me how they fix that stuff, but I could tell by the face of our structural engineer that it very much needs to be fixed. I don’t worry about that stuff because the guys working on this job are awesome and I know it will all be perfect in the end.

Here is a great picture of our elephant daycare area


It kind of looks like a Ford commercial doesn’t it?  The area to the left of the truck is the actual indoor daycare.  There will be 4 large rooms there for the dogs to play indoors. The area to the right of the truck with the lower ceiling are the naps rooms.  Each daycare group has it’s own nap room.  Above the nap area, where you can see the guy standing is the boarding area.  Actually a couple of those guys are standing in my office.

Here’s a good picture of the boarding area


Okay, this is boarding.  You kind of have to use your imagination.  The rooms starts over by the guy standing on the left and ends all the way to the right.  The decking you see is the ceiling in the nap rooms which is also the floor of boarding.  Well, there will be concrete over that decking which will be the actual floor of boarding.  Then we will have some really fun kennels installed.  I think we are going with purple (of course) and lime! 🙂  I’m trying to talk Carly (a past K9 Crew member) into doing some crazy artwork on the walls.

We also now have water and electric in the building.  Very exciting stuff.  I think the framer will start framing things up next week.  I am busy now working on fence layouts, color selections and finishes.  The fun stuff.  I have also been working on the not so fun stuff which is trying to figure out the new software package I bought to run the new K9.  It is slightly overwhelming to say the least but I am plugging away at it.  If only I had started with software 7 years ago.  Now we have thousands of customers and thousands of products that all need to be manually entered in.  Oh well, it will get done.  The good news is that I can book some boarding now, so if you know your dates, please let us know and I will put it in the schedule.  We are moving July 30th.

Happy Friday!!  Have a great weekend.

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  1. Donna Collins
    Donna Collins says:

    WOW… will be over soon for a puppy weekend and to check out the construction.
    You have a good engineer if he is making the contractor do all of the fixes..

  2. Vicki Kerr
    Vicki Kerr says:

    Impressive! Starting to look like a real building and everything. So happy for you. BTW, if you need help entering stuff into the computer, let me know — my typing skills could come in handy. Can’t wait to come visit some day 🙂


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