Holy Wow!

K9 Kaos 5 017

This is just after two days of steel erection.  (Sorry… that’s what they call it.)  Now you can really see the building shape.  The lower section is the indoor daycare area and nap rooms and the upper section is the boarding room.

These steel guys are fearless and it gives me the fanny willies just watching them.  They parade along those beams like it’s nothing.  No net, no strings attached.  Just them on a beam, walking around.  NUTS.

We are still on schedule to move into this new building on July 30th.  I can’t wait!

K9 Kaos 5 001K9 Kaos 5 002K9 Kaos 5 007K9 Kaos 5 014K9 Kaos 5 018K9 Kaos 5 016

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