Settling In

We are now in our second week at the new place.    I sincerely thought that we would be slow the first couple of weeks which would have given us some time to settle in to the new building.  Not so!  We had about 30 dogs boarding in the kennel for our weekend opener and daycare is right where we left off at the old place.  Amazing.

Our open house was so awesome. It was so nice to see everyone and there were so many kind things said about the new place and K9 Kaos in general.  I have to give a huge shout out to those that put that open house together for me.  All of the cooking, getting tables, balloons, soda, filling coolers…. all of that was done by my great friend Kim and my family, my Mom & Dad, Aunt Angie and my cousins Jo & Sue. Also a big thank you to my dear friend Andee for spending the weekend and helping us out with everything.  The place looked great and there was PLENTY to eat!  My amazing K9 Crew did a fantastic job giving tours and talking to so many people.  You guys are the best and K9 Kaos is what it is because of you!

We have a few building challenges that we need to get through.  The big one right now is a leak in the ceiling about the break room in daycare.  The water we use to clean the boarding kennels is leaking through a crack in the concrete above and making it’s way down.  The poor kids have no lunch room right now because it is basically all buckets.  Hopefully that will be fixed soon!

I still have so much to do… my first priority right now is to finish writing the new website.  It is all designed and ready to go, it just needs some copy by me.  I will hopefully get to finishing that tomorrow.  The days seem to fly by.

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