Progress – April 21st

Here are some pictures that were taken yesterday at the new K9 Kaos.

K9 Chaos 011

This is a shot of the lower level of the building which is where the indoor daycare will be.  That retaining wall is the back of the nap rooms and the end of the lower level.  Above that wall is the upper level which will be the boarding area.  Kind of hard to envision, but the building is being built to match the topography of the land which is why we end up with multiple levels.

K9 Chaos 015

This is where the boarding kennel will sit.  It will be about 20″ or two steps higher than that garage door opening.  The building is about 80′ in length.  Just inside that garage door is our new store and reception area.  It is about 2,000 square feet.  Our current store is approximately 700 square feet.

K9 Chaos 016

This is where the old meets new.  This is a very tricky spot and a lot of  time has been spent over this very spot.  This barn was originally built about 100 years ago.  The barn burned down a few years back and was rebuilt to what you see today.  However, the original stone foundation was maintained.  Our most wonderful structural engineer, Jay Brown, has to figure out how we can tie the new building into the existing building without disturbing the integrity of the old foundation.  It’s pretty amazing stuff.

K9 Chaos 024

This is the new grooming area!  The guys are getting ready to cut this floor so that we can put some plumbing in for bathing tubs and a washer.

K9 Chaos 034

Voila!  Just like cutting butter!

K9 Chaos 001--

This is a shot of where the new main entrance will be.  You can kind of see where the parking lot is starting to come together.  There will be a nice big double glass door entrance in the center which will lead into the store. You can see the back of the house off to the left.  Many of you know my friend Michele who now lives there and will be our resident kennel person.  It will be wonderful to have 24 hour care at K9 Kaos!

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  1. Abigail Baker
    Abigail Baker says:

    What a big project you are completing – best wishes on continued swift progress from the pagan spring worshipping Bakerhounds.

  2. Donna Collins
    Donna Collins says:

    Wow! things have really changed since I was there two weeks ago. Looking good. Can’t wait to see the finished results.


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