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First I want to thank you all in advance for your patience while K9 Kaos has a little face lift this fall. One important note is that our Sixth St. parking lot will be closed to customers starting next week. Please use our County Farm Road Parking lot from now on. Please consider liking our K9 Kaos Facebook Page for construction updates and daycare schedule changes that may occur.

2015-08-21 12.23.55So to kick things off, our main stairway from the Sixth St. parking lot up to the building is being replaced.  Unfortunately the products that were used to build those stairs were not the correct materials nor were they installed correctly. The salt from the last four winters is basically destroying them so before it becomes a safety hazard we are replacing everything.  In addition, the curb at the bottom of those stairs leading to the parking is also being removed.   I just noticed the other day that Dig Safe was here and marked out our gas line in the parking lot (it’s good that we avoid that when digging).  It’s a little exciting, as it is the start of good things to come.

We are also planning to expand the Sixth Street parking lot by adding six parking spaces.  Our staff has grown and many of you have probably noticed that that parking lot is often full.  I am hoping that these six spaces will be just enough to allow us to leave that lot open to customers.

At some point between all of this construction we are also planning to put in some irrigation for our front lawns.  So for that we need a well.  Of course.. right!  The plan is for us to dig that well over a weekend when there are no dogs outside.  We have a brand new landscape company, Maritime Landscape, that is going to transform the outside of K9 Kaos to make it look beautiful once again.  These changes are going to take some time, but I’m confident that once it is all finished it will be perfect.

The big news is that we are expanding our outdoor daycare yards.  This is a very big deal for all of us here at K9 Kaos as the end result is going to be fantastic for the dogs and the staff.  When we did the original building we sadly did not have room on our small two acre lot for all that we needed between fenced in yards and drainage rain gardens.  We were able to purchase another five acres of land last year and now we can finally stretch our legs on to some of that new land.  The big rain garden is moving right out to our new property line which leaves plenty of room for our new daycare yards. Essentially our outdoor daycare area will be doubling in size giving the dogs a lot more room to run around and play in.  We are also adding a fifth yard which will allow us to have a “tween” yard for those puppies that are ready to graduate but maybe not necessarily ready for the big league.

New-Yards-SmallHere’s the new layout!  You can kind of see the old layout and the new layout on this plan.  I know blueprints can be tricky to follow but I thought I would post it anyways.  Pretty exciting!

As you can imagine, juggling a very busy daycare and construction at the same time is not going to be all that easy.  We will be able to do most of the work outside of our existing yards without any disruption and this project should only take about three weeks. In order for us to keep the dogs as calm as possible during this time, we will be having a lot of indoor playtime.  Our rooms have air conditioning and allow the dogs plenty of room to play and romp around.  There will be days here and there that we will have to cut the number of dogs on our schedule, so reservations will be required on those days.  There will be a couple of Saturdays that we will not have daycare.  I will be posting updates on our K9 Kaos Facebook page so if you are on Facebook, please like our page and follow the project there.  I will post all of our daycare schedule changes on that page.

So these are pretty exciting times for us.  Thank you again for all of your patience while we grow and makes things just a little better for all of the dogs that attend daycare here at K9 Kaos.  We do everything we do for them.

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