June 15th Building Update

Well, another Wednesday team meeting has come and gone.  It’s so hard to believe that we only have 6 team meetings left.  What am I talking about you say?  Well, each and every Wednesday at 2:00 we have a big construction meeting where we all come together to talk about the finer points of building the K9 Kaos building.  The meeting includes all of the subs, the supervisor Gary, the project manager Daryl, my architect Lou,  and of course me!  Oh it’s a barrel of laughs, we sit around drink margaritas, eat snacks and talk about the good old days.   hmmm  not exactly……

Today we worked out a walkway to replace a stair way that we don’t think we need.  I picked out a block retaining wall color.  OMG the Bruins just won the Stanley Cup!!!  Yahoooeeeee   That’s so cool!  Okay..sorry…back to business now.  Lou and I finalized all of the zany paint colors and floor colors.  I also picked out a resin color for the flooring in boarding and daycare.  After much chitter chatter we worked out that we need to insulate the basement so that the sprinkler pipes don’t freeze. I think there was so much more… but I think I’m probably boring you to death right now.

It’s coming together and we are on schedule. Have I mentioned that we are taking boarding reservations???  Okay in case I didn’t.  We are now accepting boarding reservations! 🙂

Here are some pictures from this week:

Above is a shot from inside the reception area looking in to the boarding area.


Lou and Gary


A shot of the front of the boarding area.  There will be an outdoor area for the boarding dogs here.  The windows are all in now.  It really changes the look of the building.  I love it!



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