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I definitely have to post here more often.  It looks so different now from my last post.  Even this picture is only 3 days old and already it isn’t even a good representation of what the place looks like today.  However, in this picture the guys are pouring the concrete floor for the indoor daycare area.  It looks awesome by the way!  The framing is already up on this level now.  The floor for the boarding area should go in Monday or Tuesday of next week.

We have had a couple of bumps, but overall we are still on schedule.  The rain killed us, the big storm on Wednesday meant that the roof work could not start until Thursday.  We have had a few late surprises which are proving to be expensive and unexpected.  I am hoping we don’t have too many more *fun* surprises of this nature.  I realized in the last two weeks that I hired the very best of the best general contractors.  Seriously, they are amazing!  It’s no joke!  cm&b, Lynnfield, call them, use them, don’t ask any questions.  I mean it!  I also have an amazing architect Lou from applied Form & Space….again just hire.  Let me save you a lot of time….hire + start project = great results.  Trust me.  (no no no I am not a used car salesmen…so you can really trust me)

Here’s what’s happening at K9 Kaos!  We are accepting boarding reservations now for overnights beginning on August 8th.  If you have a trip planned give us a call and book it.   The boarding area is going to be so nice and so comfortable for the dogs.  Plus we have 24 hour on site care!

Don’t forget that K9 Kaos is still open at its current location and will remain open until July 30th.  We will move over the weekend and open in our new location on August 1st.

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  1. Carole Berry (Bingo's Mom)
    Carole Berry (Bingo's Mom) says:

    Anne, This is so exciting. The place looks amazing. Keeping our fingers crossed that the balance of the project goes smoothly!

  2. HOLLY
    HOLLY says:

    The new place looks wonderful! I drive by everyday on my way to work. I was wondering if you could tell me about the dogs I see playing out front all of the time. Six or so greyhounds?? I absolutely love them!!


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