It’s Happening…

Things I say to myself constantly are “Is this really happening?  Yes, It is happening you fool”  Other things I ask myself, generally in the middle of the night, are things like:  “What were you thinking?” or “Why couldn’t you have just done something small?” or “Should I start taking heavy narcotics?” or “This is crazy” and then back to the more popular… “What were you thinking”.

It really hit home when our amazing friends came to the old K9 this past weekend to pack up our flag pole and our granite memory bench.  It was no easy feat but both items are loaded on the trailer and are ready for relocation to the new site.  I am so grateful for all of the help, our friends are really incredible.  I love this picture of them taking down the pole.  It’s like a modern day Iwo Jima moment.


The bench was easier than I thought. (of course I didn’t lift it)  I think Joe would have loved that it took 6 men to move it.


The new building is coming along so quickly now.  The floors are going down now and should be finished by Friday.  All of the kennels and the retail shelves are being delivered on Friday.  The installation for all of the new kennels will take about 7 days.  We are hoping to get the retail shelving put together on Sunday.  Here’s a shot of the retail area.  The lime tiles are my favorite for sure!!


The fencing guys, 125 Fence, are making great progress.  It will take me a long time to get used to the smaller yards.  But the dogs are going to love their inside rooms especially because they are fully air conditioned!  I know that the smaller yards are so much safer for the dogs in the long run which is most important to all of us.  Here’s a picture of the beginning of the daycare yards.


It’s so hard to believe this project is winding down.  Our weekly meeting this week took place at Margaritas.  This is most definitely a policy that we should have instituted 16 weeks ago.   We had a great chat about my architectural firm challenges to date which have been hysterical.  But I guess the third times a charm and I have finally found the very best architectural firm ever.  It’s true.  Do you want to know who it is?   I highly recommend you hire them for all of the your architectural needs.  Seriously, if you need the best, contact Luis Lobao or Jim Thornhill of applied Form + Space you will be happy you did.  I am.

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