Hard Hat? Check!

It’s true, I am now equipped with my very own hard hat.  It’s very shiny and white… I am sure it needs some stickers or something to doll it up a bit.  But I do have one and I am officially supposed to wear one.  My very favorite project manager, Dean, was NOT impressed with me earlier this week when I showed up on the job site in flip flops.  I’m going to have to leave some real shoes in my car because I am so done with socks and shoes.  It’s flip flop season damn it!

Construction is very much under way.  Here are some pictures I took on Tuesday.  In these shots you can see some of the foundation footings and a retaining wall.  The footings are for the daycare portion of the building.  This area will be the indoor daycare rooms and the nap rooms.  I think the footings for the boarding part of the building might go in next week.

IMG_0927 IMG_0917

IMG_0918 IMG_0920

It’s pretty exciting stuff!  I can’t wait to move!

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  1. Kate Binder
    Kate Binder says:

    Yeah, you’ve seen us at our worst on race day, you really need to share a hard hat photo. We love you Annie!

  2. Abigail Baker
    Abigail Baker says:

    Annie, This looks like a huge undertaking – I had no idea your new place was to be so large. Many congratulations on your progress so far and best wishes for the future. The pooches of south-eastern New Hampshire are lucky to have you.


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