Four Weeks….

….that’s it!  Four weeks is barely a minute.  It took me longer to write out my “things I have left to do” list.  I am stressing my friends out, my poor husband practically needs armor and my mom wants to come and finish up the project for me.  That actually sounds like a great idea.  The contractors would be so happy if that happened.  Everyone would have a nice lunch everyday, maybe some lasagna, nice soup and sandwich.  If someone didn’t feel like working that day she would say, “it’s okay honey, take the rest of the day off… here have some pie.”

Questions Aaron has asked me in the last 5 minutes.  “Do you think they would find your body if I buried it out back?”  and “Should I just move out onto the driveway?”  Do you think these are signs that I am crazed?

You probably don’t want to hear any more about my stress level…so here’s a quick building update.

The siding is going up now.  The new building will be barn red and the existing building will stay white.

K9 13 018

…okay so maybe it is impossible to actually see the one tiny piece of siding that is in this picture.  Please insert your imagination here….

The retaining wall was built by LJH Landscaping and looks amazing. I’m so happy with the look of that wall!

K9 13 017

Early progress

K9 13 021


We passed our rough inspections last week so the sheetrocker dudes have been very busy closing in all of the walls.  It’s looking very green there right now.

K9 13 019

This is the hallway in daycare.  To the left are the daycare rooms and to the right are the nap rooms

K9 13 012

Here’s the big daycare room.  We will also offer training classes in this room.

I guess that’s the update for now.  The next 4 weekends will be so busy packing and getting everything ready for the move.  We are still on schedule to move the weekend of July 29th and we will be open on August 1st.

K9 13 007

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    • Anne
      Anne says:

      Hi Sandy, We do have 2 pretty good sized rooms. We will not have anything big enough for competition, but it will work out for classes. Thanks, Anne


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