Daycare Expansion Update


The construction is chugging along and they are really making some progress on our project.  The dumpsters have moved onto their new concrete pad, the shed is also in its new home as of today.  The new daycare area is almost up to grade and the plumbing for the new rain garden is just about finished.  These pictures were taken last Thursday 10/22 showing the new dumpster pad and the area that will soon be nice and big daycare yards.

2015-10-22 13.57.262015-10-22 13.57.23





The pictures below were taken today.  You can see how much progress has been made since last week.  Over the next couple of weeks, they will be creating the rain garden, paving the new parking spaces in the parking lot and filling the daycare areas so that they are even with the yards we have now.  Once that is done, the fun will begin.






Unfortunately we will have to close daycare for six days.  During this time they will be taking down our old fence, scraping out the old sand and replacing with new.  Then setting all of the new fence posts and hanging new fence panels.  So our daycare will be closed from November 19th – 25th.  We are closed for Thanksgiving the 26th and will open up again the day after Thanksgiving on November 27th.  All of our other services will be operating as usual so boarding and grooming appointments are not affected at all.  We only need to close daycare during this time.

We really appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.  The end result will be so worth it as the dogs are going to have a wonderful new and improved daycare area.  We are all so excited.

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