Snow Angel

I have this old friend; I guess she really isn’t really an “old” friend since I’ve only known her for just about four years now.  She sure feels like an old friend.  She’s the kind of friend you meet for the first time and automatically makes you feel like family.  Well, this is a little story about my “old” friend Bowlynn.The first time I met her, I thought she was so cool.  She was beyond comfortable in her own skin, happy, funny as hell, confident but not over the top, eyes that look straight into your soul, and overall pretty wonderful.  She amazed me how she could fit into any group, perfectly mannered, not really the center of attention and never a show off.  Young, old, human or canine.. everyone just loves Bobo!

Well, it is just shy of four years and we still hang out three times a week.  She is still the most amazing girl, a little gray now, a little weaker in her step but still the most amazing dog I have probably ever met….I am not sure I will ever meet any other like her.  It’s funny, but something tells me that she knows it.

Ahhh yes.. Bobo. If you ask each of the K9 Crew to compile a list of *favorites* I can pretty much put money down that Bowlynn will be on each and every list.  I know that my words in this blog will NEVER do her justice.. but I try. 

At the tender age of 12 she now has K9 Kaos and its staff running like clockwork. When Bobo arrives she decides whether or not she would like to go outside for a moment. After which she likes to be escorted immediately to her special couch-shaped dog bed.  She will then wait, somewhat patiently, for her cookie.  After eating said cookie, she will then gently bark letting the next available crew member that she has not actually been given a cookie yet. And yes, we all fall for it every single day! This ritual goes on until every one of the morning crew has had a quick visit with Bobo and given her a morning cookie.  She then sits happily and supervises the morning activities of getting the rest of the troops in and ready for a day of play.

Bowlynn is at first glance, a chocolate lab, after four years she is pretty much the heart and soul of K9 Kaos.  She is exactly why I started a dog business.

Two of the many things that I love about Bowlynn….

She knows exactly what she wants at all times and she ALWAYS has a plan on how she will get you to do exactly what she wants you to do.  Oh and always with a smile and a wag.

She has taught me that no matter what time of day, whether you are late for work, wanting to get home, or even just for the hell of it in the middle of the day; there is ALWAYS time to drop down and make the perfect snow angel.

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