Progress Report – April 27th

Things are moving right along now.  It is really unbelievable!

First things first, meet Daryl our new project manager.  First thing Daryl said to me yesterday was that he had better not end up in the blog.  HA!  I did mention to him that there might be some hazing.


This is Daryl, hard at work after our killer meeting yesterday.  Notice he is wearing his hard hat!  Maybe I was… and maybe I wasn’t.  I did get my first hard hat sticker yesterday.  Very exciting.  I think I might need a Hello Kitty sticker and then we will be good to go.  Hmmmm maybe Daryl wants a Hello Kitty sticker for his hard hat.  Yes.. that is good hazing idea for sure.  I am pretty sure that the entire cm&b team will be happy when this job is over.  I do try not to make everyone crazy.  No really, I try!

This next picture is of the new indoor daycare area.


So here you can start the see the size of it all.  Along that tall wall in the back will be the 4 nap rooms and a break for the K9 Crew.  Then in front of the nap rooms there will be 4 large indoor daycare rooms.  The dogs are going to have an indoor and an outdoor play area.  It’s going to be awesome!

This next picture is a shot of where the boarding area will be.  They are not quite finished with the retaining walls for this area just yet, but these should all be poured by tomorrow or Monday at the latest.  On Thursday is when the fun will begin.  That’s when the steel will be going up.  I can’t wait to see that part.


The wall that you see to the right is that tall wall behind the nap rooms in daycare (in the previous picture).  Half of the boarding area will be over those nap rooms.  The boarding area will be about 20″ higher than that existing barn floor.  So it will be a couple of steps up from the retail area.  If that makes any sense at all.  The area to the right of the garage door opening is basically where my new office will be.  Yes, I will actually have an office with a door.  I’m so excited.  It will be great to be right near the store so that I can help out, visit with customers and get in Judy’s way.


Just a shot of the new grooming support area.  The rough plumbing is in now for the tubs and washer and all that good stuff. When the guys were digging this area out, they found an ancient horse shoe.  I figure that must be good luck.  Aaron and I are trying to clean it up so we can hang it on site.


This shot shows the new employee parking lot.  You can see the cars in the background.  I am basically standing in boarding looking over daycare.  The lot is just there to the left.

So that’s the update!  We are on schedule but it is so tight it’s scarey.  At this point the move is scheduled for July 30 and we will be open on August 1st at this new location.  Wow!

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  1. Donna Collins
    Donna Collins says:

    I’m surprised they only found one horse shoe considering the number of horses that used to be over there. things are looking good… I’ll be checking it out in person when I pick up some pups tomorrow for a night in G-town.


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