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It’s June and I feel like we have a lot going on at K9 right now.  I thought, for the first time in a long time, that I might finally sit down and write a blog. And lucky for you, here it is.  lol

Before getting into anything else, I wanted to give you all a quick update on kennel cough.  We all thought we were in the clear as it had been two weeks since we had any new cases, but it seems we have hit a bit of a second wave.  I would like to ask that if your dog has been diagnosed with allergies and is coughing, that those dogs remain at home until at least the cough is gone.  Just in case it could be something else.  Kennel cough season is never easy on us or the dogs.  Please know that we remain on very high alert.

Our Pride Month End-Cap

Did I mention it’s June!  Well, it is, and if you have been inside K9 Kaos in the last 4 days you will also realize that it is Pride Month, and we are here for it.  The staff has been planning this celebration for the last year.   In addition to all the décor there is also a fun end cap with tons of rainbow toys, clothing, bow ties, and so much more.  Nicole has been searching high and low for just the right products for that end cap.  I think it looks fabulous.  Please check it out.  On the reception desk in the gourmet cookie cabinet there are some really cute cookies in there as well.  It makes me so happy to walk in there, I have to say.  I love when everyone comes together on an idea, and I can tell that they are having a great time celebrating together.  There is just a great buzz in the air.  Makes me so proud.  (yes, the pun is intended)


You may have noticed that we ran a little raffle last month that Agnes won. Side note:  Agnes is so stinkin’ cute.  Brittany had the idea to start this raffle program and it was really a big hit.  All of May’s proceeds went into the tip jar for the staff, which they were really excited about. 

This month, the staff decided that the proceeds are going to Connor’s Climb Foundation, a NH based organization that brings suicide prevention training to area schools and businesses. This charity was chosen on behalf of Andre’s Army.  Andre Schaeffer very sadly passed away last June, he was a junior at Dover High School and a friend to some of the K9 staff.  While I did not know Andre personally, I have read so much about him and heard so much about him and I can see why he has made such an impact.  I love that his spirit remains embedded in our community.  We want to do our part to keep that going.  Brittany has put together an awesome raffle prize, tickets are on sale at K9 Kaos, over the phone by calling 603.743.3647, or through the following link.  Let’s raise some money and some awareness for suicide prevention in Andre’s honor. 

Raffle winner will be drawn on June 30th

Here is the link to purchase $1.00 raffle tickets online: https://square.link/u/oXeYaE7l

June also brings us the great school transition of 2022.  This of course happens twice a year, in June and September.  June is when we welcome our seasonal staff back for the summer (yay John!), along with our college and high school students that are now scheduled for more hours, so you get to see their lovely faces a little more often.  I would like to welcome our new staff members that joined this year:  Abby, Bailey, Emma, & Julia. You will see them in daycare, boarding and the front desk this summer.  June brings a couple of big staff anniversaries that I would love to share with you:  Leah & Korah – 1 year, Brittany – 6 years, Bec – 9 years, and drum roll please, Lauren celebrates her 15-year anniversary working at K9 Kaos.   Please join me in congratulating them, I am so very grateful for each and every staff member at K9 Kaos. They work so hard to take the best care of the dogs and the customers.  So, the good news is that we are fully staffed and are ready for our very busy summer schedule. 

We have some great sales in the store this month.  There are flyers at the desk if you would like to see them all.  I will just mention a couple of big ones here:  Primal is offering $7 off patties and $4 off nuggets which is a great sale for frozen diets.  Boxie Cat litter is on sale $3 off and Bear & Rat frozen yogurt offers a sale on singles and 4-packs.  So that you can be prepared for the scary fireworks…. SuperSnout has their CBD Chill Out chews on sale this month.  Most of these products also offer a frequent buyer program that we can offer you in the store.  Please don’t miss our huge birthday section, if your dog is having a birthday, please make K9 Kaos your first stop for your celebration.  We have everything and it is adorable! As always, if there is something you need that we do not carry, we will always be happy to order it for you.

Nominate K9 Kaos in 5 Categories

Finally, it is voting time again.  If you love us, and I think that if you are still reading this blog, you must. Please consider voting for us at Seacoast Online for a Best of the Seacoast award.  This program has two phases, so you will see us asking for votes a couple of different times: once for nominations and then voting for the winner.  You can vote daily, and we appreciate your votes very much.  We were nominated in five categories last year and we won in three. We would love to have a repeat year.  Our five categories are:  Best Place to Work, Best Grooming, Best Dog Training, Best Boarding/Kennel/Daycare, and Best Pet Store.  Click Here to vote.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this update.  I really hope to stay motivated and keep you all updated on what’s happening at K9 Kaos more regularly.  You can hold me to that.  Thanks again.  Anne

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