Holy Dog Boarding

Wow!  I just got home from the new K9.  Wow!  The boarding floor was poured today and that room looks ginormous!  Take a look….


It is so exciting!  This room will have room for 50 dogs to stay overnight.  Each of the doors to the right lead out to an outdoor run so that each of the dogs will enjoy some time outside.  There are four doors out, you can see two in this picture.  I love the windows up high in the room, I think it’s going to be nice and bright and most definitely cheery for the dogs!

Here is a picture from inside the store.  In this shot you can see the self service dog wash area and the main entrance.  The self serve area will have 2 professional tubs and all of the fixings for a clean puppy.  Unlike our tub now, the new tub will be enclosed with a glass sliding door so that all of the hair will stay in there and not go all over everything and everyone in the store!  Yippeeee.


We are still on target for our August 1st opening.  If you are planning a trip and need boarding, we are accepting reservations now!  Boarding will start on August 8th at the new K9 Kaos on 432 Sixth Street in Dover.

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