Holiday Travel – Kurgo Style

Our partners at Kurgo have put together this handy information regarding holiday travel with your dog.  I thought it might be fun to share.  K9 Kaos carries the Kurgo line of products at our shop on Sixth Street.  Please stop by and take a look.  The product line is superb!  Let’s keep the dogs safe […]

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to a dog is so hard and yet so different for so many different people.  Now that K9 Kaos has been open for nine years, sadly we are saying goodbye to more and more of our original K9 Kaos pack.  Aaron and I also have the losses in our own pack, and our […]

Goodnight Pup!

There were not all that many who could appreciate KO.  She knew it, I knew it and that is just the way we liked it.  She was one of a kind and she would tell you just that.  Now that she isn’t here to tell me what to do, I’m not sure what to do.  […]


Tomorrow is Monday.  Monday is normally my crazy paperwork day.  I have payroll to do, I usually have a couple of days of sales days to catch up with, banking, ordering, scheduling.  You know.. paperwork.  Tomorrow is the last Monday at the old K9.  It makes me think about how much I am going to […]

A year of puppies!

I thought it might be fun to reminisce on some of the funny things the puppies have done over the year since it will all be a distant memory now that we have…. well, more! 1. January 21st, 7 beautiful babies  (that’s what I say to you now, but then I was saying quite loudly […]

A Puddle

I’m sure I shouldn’t be posting this but what the hell.  It’s a dog blog, so I can talk about dogs even the good bad and ugly side of dogs right?  Let me tell you, right now KO is showing more of the bad and ugly side of things for Aaron and I.  KO is […]

Not Allowed on the Furniture!

So we’re taking care of friend’s dog this week.  His name is Kobe and he is a very distinguished, cookie crazed, wagaholic yellow lab.  I am positive that Kobe is THE lab that every single person that has ever bought a lab thought they were getting.  However, Kobe is one of a kind!  A perfect gentleman, […]


Holy cow…where have I been?  Well, now that you ask, I’ve been in Jamaica!  We had a great trip to Negril and I spent 9 wonderful days NOT SNEEZING!  Man oh man you guys have no idea how wonderful it is not to sneeze day in and day out.   I saw two dogs one time […]

Luck of the Irish..

..Terrier that is!  It’s true I have flipped for an Irish Terrier.  Most of you that know me, know that  have been longing for an IT for as long as I have known Murphy.  Murphy is a very special young man that comes to K9 Kaos.  He has been attending daycare for about two years […]

Thursday.. is it really Thursday?

Why do I always feel so freaking rushed all of the time?  Today seems like a whirlwind…got up drove to work to drop off Lily, one of my boarders.  Then drove back home to meet Aaron so that he could bring me to drop my car off at the shop to get fixed.  Then back […]