Four Weeks….

….that’s it!  Four weeks is barely a minute.  It took me longer to write out my “things I have left to do” list.  I am stressing my friends out, my poor husband practically needs armor and my mom wants to come and finish up the project for me.  That actually sounds like a great idea.  […]

Shut The Front Door

It’s in!!! Our new front door is in and it looks fabulous. (If I don’t say so myself)

June 15th Building Update

Well, another Wednesday team meeting has come and gone.  It’s so hard to believe that we only have 6 team meetings left.  What am I talking about you say?  Well, each and every Wednesday at 2:00 we have a big construction meeting where we all come together to talk about the finer points of building […]

Holy Dog Boarding

Wow!  I just got home from the new K9.  Wow!  The boarding floor was poured today and that room looks ginormous!  Take a look…. It is so exciting!  This room will have room for 50 dogs to stay overnight.  Each of the doors to the right lead out to an outdoor run so that each […]

It’s Looking Real Now

I definitely have to post here more often.  It looks so different now from my last post.  Even this picture is only 3 days old and already it isn’t even a good representation of what the place looks like today.  However, in this picture the guys are pouring the concrete floor for the indoor daycare […]