Progress Report – April 27th

Things are moving right along now.  It is really unbelievable! First things first, meet Daryl our new project manager.  First thing Daryl said to me yesterday was that he had better not end up in the blog.  HA!  I did mention to him that there might be some hazing. This is Daryl, hard at work […]

Progress – April 21st

Here are some pictures that were taken yesterday at the new K9 Kaos. This is a shot of the lower level of the building which is where the indoor daycare will be.  That retaining wall is the back of the nap rooms and the end of the lower level.  Above that wall is the upper […]

Hard Hat? Check!

It’s true, I am now equipped with my very own hard hat.  It’s very shiny and white… I am sure it needs some stickers or something to doll it up a bit.  But I do have one and I am officially supposed to wear one.  My very favorite project manager, Dean, was NOT impressed with […]