Well, it’s official!  Just got word that our Big Ass Loan was approved!  It’s so crazy.  I think I’m stunned.  Yes, stunned.  Now let the fun begin….

Count Down

Our $GA loan, or now also known as my “Big Ass Loan” (thank you Toby) will be presented to the bank’s board of directors on September 16th.  That means 8 days of waiting.  Patience is NOT my thing.  I apologize now for all of the people that I will drive completely crazy over the next […]


Since the planning board meeting I have focused most of my time on financing the project.  I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to say out loud in a blog just how much I’m trying to borrow.. so since I feel weird about it I won’t.  Let’s just say it’s a giant amount.  So from now […]