PB Tonight

In most cases if I used the term PB in a sentence  I could only be referring to my favorite food on earth.. peanut butter.    But today PB has an entirely new meaning and it could be as good as peanut butter, or at least I hope it is.  Tonight is our shot at the […]

Cost of Goods What? Huh?

Man oh man I had my head inside a spread sheet for about 7 hours today and I just don’t know how accountants do that day in and day out.  Man! Kudos to the bean counters in the world! Today was projections day and I am getting some amazing help from the New Hampshire Small […]

The New K9 Kaos Project

Yup, K9 is moving. The State of NH has ever so kindly relieved us of our current location with a silly little thing called eminent domain. So my new full time job is spent talking to lawyers, builders, architects, bankers, engineers, etc etc etc. It has been a crazy couple of months to say the […]