A year of puppies!

Life | 12.22.2010

I thought it might be fun to reminisce on some of the funny things the puppies have done over the year since it will all be a distant memory now that we have…. well, more! 1. January 21st, 7 beautiful babies  (that’s what I say to you now, but then I was saying quite loudly more…

And So It Begins

K9 Kaos | 11.17.2010

It is amazing how attached you get to things.  It is so hard to believe that in a day or so the K9 Kaos barn will be gone. Even though the barn is coming down, operations at K9 Kaos remain at 100%.  We still have full access to all of our daycare yards so we more…

Coming Soon!

K9 Kaos | 11.1.2010

It’s official, the sign is up.  Have you seen it yet?

A Puddle

Life | 10.29.2010

I’m sure I shouldn’t be posting this but what the hell.  It’s a dog blog, so I can talk about dogs even the good bad and ugly side of dogs right?  Let me tell you, right now KO is showing more of the bad and ugly side of things for Aaron and I.  KO is more…


General | 09.17.2010

Well, it’s official!  Just got word that our Big Ass Loan was approved!  It’s so crazy.  I think I’m stunned.  Yes, stunned.  Now let the fun begin….

Count Down

K9 Kaos | 09.8.2010

Our $GA loan, or now also known as my “Big Ass Loan” (thank you Toby) will be presented to the bank’s board of directors on September 16th.  That means 8 days of waiting.  Patience is NOT my thing.  I apologize now for all of the people that I will drive completely crazy over the next more…


K9 Kaos | 09.6.2010

Since the planning board meeting I have focused most of my time on financing the project.  I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to say out loud in a blog just how much I’m trying to borrow.. so since I feel weird about it I won’t.  Let’s just say it’s a giant amount.  So from now more…

Planning Board Experience

K9 Kaos | 08.1.2010

I should have probably put this post together on Wednesday morning while the planning board extravaganza was still fresh in my mind.  I suppose it’s still pretty fresh so here goes.  All in all it went pretty well.  The night was kicked off with some very emotional discussion from residents regarding a giant gas station more…

PB Tonight

K9 Kaos | 07.27.2010

In most cases if I used the term PB in a sentence  I could only be referring to my favorite food on earth.. peanut butter.    But today PB has an entirely new meaning and it could be as good as peanut butter, or at least I hope it is.  Tonight is our shot at the more…

Cost of Goods What? Huh?

K9 Kaos | 07.8.2010

Man oh man I had my head inside a spread sheet for about 7 hours today and I just don’t know how accountants do that day in and day out.  Man! Kudos to the bean counters in the world! Today was projections day and I am getting some amazing help from the New Hampshire Small more…

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