Kennel Cough

K9 Kaos | 09.27.2009

Unfortunately we just had a little bout of kennel cough come through the daycare.  Man oh man do I hate kennel cough.  It looks like we had about 6 cases of it.  It is always such a hard one for all of us here at K9, we feel so badly for the dogs that catch more…

Who Is Ira F. Pinkham?

K9 Kaos | 06.30.2009

Well, let me tell ya!  Ira F. Pinkham was a brick maker and a farmer in Dover NH.  In 1853 he bought a piece of land and built the K9 Kaos house.  Yup!  Then in 1877 he built our lovely barn.  Cool huh! Some of you may already know that we will be losing a more…

Not Allowed on the Furniture!

K9 Kaos | 04.24.2009

So we’re taking care of friend’s dog this week.  His name is Kobe and he is a very distinguished, cookie crazed, wagaholic yellow lab.  I am positive that Kobe is THE lab that every single person that has ever bought a lab thought they were getting.  However, Kobe is one of a kind!  A perfect gentleman, more…


Life | 04.10.2009

Holy cow…where have I been?  Well, now that you ask, I’ve been in Jamaica!  We had a great trip to Negril and I spent 9 wonderful days NOT SNEEZING!  Man oh man you guys have no idea how wonderful it is not to sneeze day in and day out.   I saw two dogs one time more…


K9 Kaos | 01.15.2009

So I was just thinking… this blog idea was last year’s resolution.  Wow.. I’m pretty sure in all of my years that I have NEVER stuck to a resolution for a full year.  NICE!  So now for 2009, I have two resolutions for K9 Kaos.  One is a new venture that I have been planning more…

Listen Up!

K9 Kaos | 01.8.2009

I’ll be joining Dr. Jim and Brian on the Great Pets radio show this Sunday morning at 11:05. You can listen online at and click the ‘listen live’ link or tune in to AM 1270.  Don’t forget to call in with your questions!

Happy New Year!

K9 Kaos | 01.4.2009

Wow.. where has the time gone!  I hope everyone had an awesome New Year and I wish all of my fellow Capricorn friends & family a very happy birthday! 🙂 It has been a pretty nutty December.  K9 Kaos felt this economy for the first time and daycare numbers were very slow for December.  On the bright more…



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