Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a great holiday yesterday!  Aaron and I cooked dinner for all of our family, I think it went pretty well.  Good food and good company! I have a Bounty update.  We had another blood panel done and the results are even better than the last set.  It is seeming as if […]

Crap Continued

After two glasses of wine and two T&T’s I think I should have forgotten about it and taken the loss.  I am thinking that this is one of those mistakes that you learn from.  Hey.. I’m a newbie, and apparently a dolt!  What is the saying?  ‘you learn from it and move on.’  I guess I’ll […]


CSI was in full force today.  I think I mentioned the CSI investigation that has been under way at K9 Kaos this week.  The case is still open and we had some major activity today.  A very new customer came in on Monday and left without paying, we believe accidentally.  The tab was for $126.72 a […]

Thursday.. is it really Thursday?

Why do I always feel so freaking rushed all of the time?  Today seems like a whirlwind…got up drove to work to drop off Lily, one of my boarders.  Then drove back home to meet Aaron so that he could bring me to drop my car off at the shop to get fixed.  Then back […]

Bounty Update

We had her ultrasound today. It showed that she has a golf ball sized tumor inside her lung.  It’s interesting in that they believe that this finding is incidental and has nothing to do with her liver issues.  So indeed she does have lung cancer, but it’s not as much of a worry (right now) […]

The Bounty Saga

I know I know.. been ages since my last post.  I can’t help it. I thought it might be good to write about what’s been going on with Bounty.  On Tuesday I brought her and Runway to my vet.  Runway needed to have her hip x-rayed and Bounty needs a dental so I thought I would get […]